Guest Post: One Brunette's Personal Connection to BvB CLE

This year’s Blondes vs Brunettes CLE game is right around the corner. In fact, player registration  closes May 4. I love this event and how it’s raised over $80,000 for the Cleveland Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. 

This year, I figured I’d have someone stop by whose family is affected by Alzheimer’s so she can share her story and why BvB CLE is such a great cause to support.

Take it away, Ann!

Guest blogger Ann McDonald with her Team Brunette teammates at the 2012 BvB CLE

Guest blogger Ann McDonald with her Team Brunette teammates at the 2012 BvB CLE

I first heard about Blondes vs. Brunettes Cleveland (BvB CLE), a flag football game that raises money for the Cleveland Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, two years ago thanks to a tweet from Amanda (truly the source for everything Cleveland).  

The fundraiser is now in its third year and I am so excited to be back again volunteering for a cause so important to my family.

Like many involved with BvB CLE, I have a personal connection to the disease. In 2008 my mom, at the age of 66, was diagnosed with Dementia.  It’s a difficult diagnosis, for many reasons, but particularly because there really is no treatment and the doctors can’t tell you what to expect.  Six years after diagnosis, my dad is now a full time caregiver for my mom, helping her with many of the tasks of daily life.

It’s not an easy thing to talk about, but that’s why fundraisers like BvB CLE that allow people to share their stories and bring more awareness to the disease are so important.

The entire event is planned by young professionals who all have a passion for bringing more awareness to the disease and raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

I love that a fun event can bring together people dealing with such a devastating disease.

Ypalz, the Alzheimer's Association Cleveland Chapter's young professionals group

Ypalz, the Alzheimer’s Association Cleveland Chapter’s young professionals group

This year’s BvB game will be played June 7 at Krenzler Field on Cleveland State’s campus.  As you probably guessed from the name of the event, the teams for the game will be divided based on the age-old rivalry between blondes and brunettes.  Redheads are “free agents,” permitted to play for the team of their choice.

Funds raised by the players will benefit the care, support, advocacy and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.  If you’re interested in signing up to play (women only) or coach, visit – and hurry! Sign up for players ends May 4.

There will also be some fun events leading up to the game.  On May 9, BvB CLE will host a night of bowling at Madison Square Lanes (you can buy discounted tickets here) and on May 16, BvB players will be treated to a Pamper Night at Vanity Lab. Find out more about these events at

If you can’t make BvB CLE – check out the Young Professionalz Ypalz Facebook page for other volunteering opportunities.

Hope to see you at the game!

Ann McDonald is the Marketing Chair for BvB CLE. If you’d like to donate, please visit her fundraising page. Dog lovers should also check out her blog Dogs in the CLE.

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  1. Thanks so much Amanda! We appreciate your continued support of BvB CLE!

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