Cleveland Architecture Book Colors Outside the Lines

Select pages from the Cleveland Architecture Coloring Book

I know I said I had been planning to take the week off to work on transferring my blog. But when I got an email about today’s post I couldn’t hold off.

While most of the local projects and events I blog about are geared towards adults, I’m a huge fan of those that encourage the next generation of Clevelanders to take an interest in their city.

And Rustbelt architectural designer Jeremy Smith has taken a very creative and fun approach to helping kids (and the young at heart) learn more about Cleveland’s history and many of its landmarks.

The Cleveland Architecture Coloring Book puts an interactive twist on the format of old architectural companions. Each page of the coloring book features a rendering of a local landmark accompanied by information about the architect and year completed.

Some of the featured buildings include the Greyhound Bus Terminal by William Strudwick Arrasmith, the ASM International World Headquarters by John Terence Kelly and R. Buckminster Fuller, Hillcrest Hospital by Westlake Reed Leskosky, and of course the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by I.M. Pei.

One of the features I like most is that the location of each piece is also included so readers can plan a field trip to see their favorite works.

The initial publication of the Cleveland Architecture Coloring Book sold out in less than a month. Now Smith’s designbelt start-up is working on a second printing featuring 1500 copies of an expanded edition.

Which is where you and I come in.

Now until Nov. 24, we can donate to Smith’s Cleveland Architectural Coloring Book Kickstarter, which is raising money for the book’s second printing in time for the holidays.

There are a handful of perks for donations starting at $10. Donate $20 or more and you can get your own copy of the book.

The ultimate goal of Smith’s book is to get it into public schools and children’s hospitals to promote design education and a better understanding of our region.

This reprinting is the next step, so help spread the word about a local project that colors outside the lines.

Images courtesy of designbelt.

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  1. Matthew and I donated to this! Not only is it a cool project, but Matthew used to work with Jeremy and he was in our Pre-Cana class. Small world!

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