Batten Down the Hatches

Not garden gnomes anymore

I had a giveaway for the Fabulous Food Show planned for today but with the power outages, flooding and the fact that our commute to work is going to be very long and rocky, I’m pushing it off until tomorrow.

Please be very careful out there, Northeast Ohio. And to my friends on the East Coast, keep those hatches battened down. The hurricane veterans that they are, my parents and sister in Virginia are prepped, safe and sound. While Scott’s family in DC and NJ are fortunately also stocked up.

But there are a lot of people along the East Coast and in our region that will need help in the days, weeks and likely months to come. With fond memories of summer days visiting Brigantine off of Atlantic City, seeing the destruction and loss of life going on there is difficult.

However, we can support community relief efforts by donating to the American Red Cross’s Disaster Relief Fund (or if you’re in an area heavily affected and you’re able to, make a donation to your Local Red Cross Chapter). The Red Cross also posted this article with helpful tips for giving during a disaster.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my originally planned post. In the meantime, please take a note from my garden gnomes and stay safe and indoors as much as possible!

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