The Results of the #FlippinGoodDeeds Challenge

Two months ago, my coworker, friend and fellow blogger iNeed a Playdate decided to participate in the Flippin’ Good Deeds Challenge.

Through a partnership with flipflop wines, Soles4Souls posted an open invitation to bloggers to reach out to their online and local communities and collect shoes.  

Every pair of donated shoes helps further Soles4Souls’ mission of providing footwear to individuals in impoverished areas so that they can live healthy, productive lives.

Well, the journey ended yesterday and I’m really excited to announce that with your help, we were named as one of the finalists!

Want to learn how many pairs helped us reach the Finalists Board? Check out iNeed a Playdate’s blog today for the final tally!

We were both floored by the response, which would have been impossible without the help of a lot of people so I wanted to send a few shout-outs of thanks:

First, a huge thank you to PR Newswire‘s Cleveland office where iNeed a Playdate and I work.  Our co-workers opened their closets and donated bags of shoes to the cause! I consider myself lucky to belong to an office culture that’s often willing to support its co-workers and give back to the community.

The same goes for the Penton Media Building in downtown Cleveland, where our office is located.  They very graciously allowed us to set up a drop-off location in the downstairs lobby.  If you dropped off shoes there, thank you so much!

Thank you to Mullens on Madison for letting us hang out on a Saturday night and collect shoes at our #FlippinGoodDeeds Party! In addition to offering beer specials, owner Mike Mercer even contributed a bag of shoes to the drive. 

If you love skeeball like me but don’t want to go to an arcade, this laidback bar on Madison Ave. has it.  With very inexpensive drinks, you’ll have more money to play – so pay them a visit some time.

Guests at the #FlippinGoodDeeds Party also were entered into a giftbasket raffle. Thanks to Heather Adams, Scentsy Independent Consultant and The Cuyahoga Group for donating items to accompany our flipflop wine and Sears Gift Card.

iNeed a Playdate and My Got Fam at Mullens (and Scott playing the megatouch machine in the background)

And, of course, thanks to friends, family, and everyone on Twitter, Facebook and other Cleveland-area blogs who donated or came out to the party at Mullens (@mygotfam and @wearingmascara, I’m looking at you!).  

Much like my Twestival experience earlier in the year, the Flippin’ Good Deeds Challenge reinforced how social media is not just a tool for work or fun, but can also be used to bring about social good.

And an added bonus? I got to become closer to iNeed a Playdate! So the biggest thanks goes out to her for telling me about the Challenge and inviting me  to partner with her.

As I mentioned when I first started this, I learned how important it is to have the right shoes when I was training for the Run for the Pierogies. So the fact that we collected any shoes at all makes me really happy. 

Even if we had collected 10 pairs, that still would have helped 10 different people — some of them being children who are required to wear shoes just to attend school. So thanks to everyone for your help in helping many many more!

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  1. I loved working with you, too!!! And thank you for getting my a$$ in gear to do this!

  2. Congrats! So glad my old shoes could go to a good cause!

  3. W00t! Good job, ladies!

  4. Nice job!

    Thanks for hosting the party by the way…I was happy to see you guys!!

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