Our First Clambake with Euclid Fish Company

With food and supplies from Euclid Fish Company, Scott and I (and our gnome flag) were ready for a clambake!

One of my favorite parts … of my favorite time of year … in my favorite city is Clambake Season!

Last year, I enjoyed my first clambake at Reddstone in Gordon Square. We gathered a couple of friends, hung out on Reddstone’s heated patio, watched the Browns on tv, and dug into amazing food.

Throwing chicken, clams, corn and potatoes into a pot? So many good things about that!

After last year’s clambake at Reddstone, Scott and I wanted to try hosting one at our house this Fall. Correction: I really wanted to have a clambake and Scott took a little convincing. 

Clams, glorious clams!

However, after a bit of research, we happened upon the Euclid Fish Company’s website.  In addition to offering classic clambakes that feature wild Middle Neck Clams fresh from the East Coast, Sweet Corn and plump Chickens from Ohio, and huge Sweet Potatoes, they provide a lot of free how-to info.

This was instrumental in why we chose Euclid Fish Company for our clambake. They’ve been putting together clambakes since 1944 and have passed on this expert knowledge in all of their onsite instructions and video.  Honestly, it was pretty easy to understand — and I’m not the smartest when it comes to cooking — so I can say they made it idiot-proof.

Since we hadn’t cooked a clambake before, we stuck with Chef Comella’s Original Clambake of chicken, corn, potato, sides of cole slaw and bread, and – of course – clams. For the more adventurous (maybe next year?), Euclid Fish Company also offers Alaskan King Crab, Lobster tail, live Lobster, Snow Crab, or Steak. Dips, appetizers and monkey bread round out the clambake menu.

Euclid Fish Company's classic clambake comes with chicken and corn from Ohio, sweet potatoes, plates/silverware, rolls and cole slaw.

Now that we knew what we wanted, we invited a few friends over to our house to enjoy our clambake with us.  We picked up our food early on Saturday, along with the pot and burner we had also rented from Euclid Fish Company.

It was our first time cooking outdoor with propane so there was a slight chance (even despite the idiot-proof instructions) that we’d mess something up.  However, there are a few grocery stores near us as a backup plan.

Fortunately, thanks to friends who are clambake veterans and the surprising simplicity of the entire process, we ended up not resorting to plan B.

The clambakes were complemented by some delicious sides and desserts our guests brought, as well as a Great Lakes sampler, Yuengling and FlipFlop Wine which I was trying for the first time.

If you have a group of bloggers at your party, someone is apt to have a camera! Pictured: me, Mildly Relevant Thoughts, Namaste or Should I Go, WhyCLE, Finishing Firsts, and I Need a Playdate.

I think the best part was that since it was so easy, we got to spend an excellent afternoon with our friends instead of toiling over a stove or grill. The weather wasn’t great but we were able to enjoy our food, the OSU game and gabbing inside of the house. You can read a little bit about it on WhyCLE’s weekend wrapup.

I’m really glad we did it and we already have plans for one next Fall!

Euclid Fish Company is a fourth generation family food company located out in Mentor and offers a huge variety of seafood in addition to their clambakes. If you’re looking to host your own clambake or seafood dinner, you can learn more and order stuff online here.

Euclid Fish Company 411:

Photo of the bloggers courtesy of WhyCLE.

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  1. It was such a fun night and you guys did an awesome job hosting your first clambake. I say bring on the lobster next year!

  2. I’ve actually never attended a clambake – one of these days!! But what a spread you all had – looks like you all had a tasty meal.

  3. I’m so sad I couldn’t come – especially since it was your very first clam bake! Looks like it was a huge success. Alicia, you really need to get your clam bake on – it’s gluten free even! They are one of my favorite things about fall too.

  4. I really wish I was able to come. Looks like I missed a deliciously good time.

  5. SOOOOO delicious – and such delightful people too. Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon (and my very first clambake!)

  6. Hi Amanda, so glad you loved the bake!! What a great blog!!

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