Guest Post: HungryinCLE's Hunger Fulfilled – Summer 2011

Despite Mother Nature thwarting our attempts with an earthquake and hurricane, Scott and I had a great vacation! However, now that I’m home in Cleveland, I’ve got to agree with today’s guest blogger HungryinCLE that I definitely have a case of Fall Fever. Read on for how she’s fulfilled her hunger this Summer with festivals, sports and food!  And if you’re looking to attend a great Cleveland foodie event in September, today’s your last day to enter the Taste of the Browns Giveaway! I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow morning.


The long, hot, humid days of summer in Cleveland are starting to wind down and I will be first to admit it, I have Fall Fever.  From going to Browns preseason games (yep Vic and I are season ticket holders this year) and constantly talking about all things pumpkin, I am ready for the days of cooler temps and the brisk autumn breeze.  I am ready to tackle my first marathon along the Towpath surrounded by the leaves starting to change into vibrant shades of red and orange.   However, summer 2011 in Cleveland is far from forgettable.  From Tribe baseball to food festivals in my favorite Cleveland neighborhoods, here is how I satisfied my hunger in Cleveland over the past few months.

(Me, CLEgal, and Beth last season)

It’s no secret, I am a die hard Tribe fan.  This summer has given me flashbacks to the late 1990’s minus the awkwardness of middle school.  Seeing The Jake sell out a few times and less and less empty seats and the Indians continued to roll on to victory could not make me happier.  I have attended my fair share of games from Opening Day, to comeback victories, to hanging out in the Social Suite, and numerous fireworks nights, my beloved Cleveland Indians have left me Hungry for October Baseball!

(Gina, Me, John Adams before a comeback win against Detroit!)

(Social Suite for the Tribe/Rockies game in June)

One of my favorite parts of summer is any excuse to eat and drink outside.  Two of my favorite neighborhoods hold annual events allowing me to fulfill my hunger for enjoying the great outdoors.  The Taste of Tremont held in July and The Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy in August top my list as my favorite summer festivals.  Both allow you to taste offerings from plethora of restaurants in the neighborhood.  It is the perfect excuse to try something different while also enjoying old favorites.  The patios at all of the bars and restaurants are also a great place to grab some friends and enjoy a beer or glass of wine (or three).  Do not let the heat or rain stop you from checking out these delicious annual events.  Side note: remember to bring cash.

(Bacon guac from Bac; Sweet potato tots from Dim and Den Sum)

(Pierogi from Sokolowski’s; Frog Legs from Maxi’s; Cannoli from Presti’s)

Finally, Honey Hut Ice Cream fulfills not only my hunger for ice cream, but also my hunger for nostalgia.  It takes me back to getting in the car and taking the long trip down 480 with my grandparents when I was a little girl to get orange blossom after a softball game or on a Sunday afternoon.  It reminds me of eating those huge ice cream bars with my grandpa while watching baseball on TV and constantly asking him “What’s the score?”  “What inning is it?” and “Who’s pitching?”.  Now, it comforts me after a bad race or rewards me after a long training run.  Despite some very very tough competition, it is still my favorite ice cream.  I already know my post marathon reward will be a big scoop of Honey Hut pumpkin pie.

Until next time…follow your heart, fulfill your hunger!

About the Guest Blogger

As a native Clevelander, Hungry in CLE has grown to appreciate all of the wonderful aspects of our city from our diverse population, to our sports teams, to the numerous opportunities for settling down and starting her own life. However, over the past five years, Cleveland has emerged as a culinary hot-spot. She started her blog in September 2010 to reflect the greatness and limitless options of the Cleveland food scene. Hungry in Cleveland highlights Cleveland through food. Cleveland is a very diverse city and the dining scene reflects just that. She also takes time to highlight her family roots through traditional foods she learned to cook from her grandmother. Follow her on Twitter @HungryinCLE.

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  1. Great post! It’s been a wonderful summer! Can’t wait for all the tasty and fun fall events…

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