C-Town Chow Down is Back – May 22 in Tremont

Can't wait for this month's C-Town Chow Down on May 22! After a few logistical changes from March's event, the April Chow Down improved on an excellent idea with shorter lines and a delicious sampling of Cleveland food trucks.

As warmer weather seems to be slowly returning to Cleveland, I’m looking forward to spending a day in the park at the May C-Town Chow Down.  From 11am-3pm  on Sunday, May 22nd, Cleveland Food Trucks will again descend on Lincoln Park to offer up a wide variety of tasty, gourmet fare.
I reviewed the first C-Town Chow Down back in March and as much as I enjoyed my Umami Moto pad thai that day, I’m happy to say that April’s C-Town Chow Down was even better!
The Food Trucks that participated in April implemented a handful of changes to smooth logistics and shorten lines.  There were people staffing drink stations separate from the trucks, as well as a special express line at JiBARO where you could order from a limited menu with quick-to-prepare food.  Local restaurants like Angelo’s also partnered up with some of the trucks to offer additional menu items.

JiBARO implemented a few of the changes I really liked: partnering with Angelo's to offer additional menu items and setting up an express line for people who wanted to grab something quick.

These changes helped spread out the crowd and prioritized customers who needed to get in and out.  This meant it was a lot easier to sample more than one truck’s offerings. 
At April’s Chow Down, I enjoyed StrEat Mobile Bistro‘s savory and spicy buffalo mac and cheese with huge chunks of bacon on top, as well as empanadas and seafood bisque from JiBARO.  For dessert, I bought a sampling of baked goods from Cakes Plus to take home with me.  My favorite? Their pineapple cupcake. So delicious!

With the changes, I was able to able to sample food from a number of trucks. The end result: a delicious lunch of Buffalo mac and cheese with bacon, empanadas and seafood bisque.

I’m happy that everyone involved is working hard to grow this event and build awareness for another of our community’s assets.  And now, with more trucks getting on board, Clevelanders have a chance to expand their Food Truck palate even further.
Participating in this month’s C-Town Chow Down so far: 
  • Cakes Plus’ Traveling Treats 
  • Jim Kuhn’s Pig lickin’ Good BBQ 
  • Jibaro Gourmet Food Truck 
  • JJ Hotdogs 
  • The Nosh Box 
  • Seti’s Polish Boys 
  • StrEat Mobile Bistro 
  • Zydeco Bistro Creole Cajun Inspired Mobile Restaurant
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  1. After attending the first two, I wish that I didn’t have to miss this one! Enjoy.

  2. I think we’re going this weekend! I’ll tweet you if we are…

  3. Thanks, Bite Buff! One day we’ll be at an event where we actually meet face to face. :)

    CLEGal – Did you mean next week or were you referring to the OH Blogger dinner?

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