Summer Guests Equaled Short Hiatus – But Now I'm Back

Scott's grandmother and mother during a recent visit to the Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Parma.


Summer has not only brought a large assortment of events to check out, but also visitors to share them with. Over the last week, we hosted a few sets of guests and held our first party since moving into the house (it only took a year). 

With family and friends in town, we’ve had the opportunity to share some of our Cleveland favorites and also try out a couple new things with our guests.  I’d say the highlight was taking Scott’s grandmother and mother to last weekend’s festival at the Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Parma.  The homemade food was fantastic – with barbequed lamb, chicken paprikash, burek, and palachinke for dessert.  The Cathedral was also open for tours, as well as cultural displays, and when we went on Sunday, the Njegos Choir and ‘Srboja’ Saint Sava Folkloric Dancers performed. It was a great opportunity to experience the Serbian food and history of Scott’s family. 

The only downside is that between getting the house ready for visitors and showing them around, I haven’t had too much time to update.  This week, though, I’m back to the blog and hoping to post something very soon about the Capitol Theatre (had a great time at their classic movie and brunch event this morning). 

In the meantime, here’s a video of Scott driving his grandfather’s Model T which was delivered when his mother and grandmother were in town. Although it’s not Cleveland-related, we had a lot of fun taking this piece of well-preserved history for a spin.

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