Taking a Short Blog-cation

While I’ve been #happyinCLE to clue into different ways to get involved in Cleveland, lately I’ve been stretching myself in a lot of directions.

So I’m taking a mini blog-cation. I’ll be gone for only a few days with a new blog post by the end of this week.  Additionally, I’ll probably be moving to 2 posts per week for a while to allow myself a bit of extra time.

The short break will help me catch up on a couple projects like helping with NEO Food Tours (more fun announcements coming soon about the tours!), training for the 5k and a few additional writing projects.

In the meantime, though, I’ve recently updated the RSS feeds and links on the left with bloggers I love to read when I have the time.  Go check them out and I’ll be back before you know it!

(Photo from Flickr – credit Alan Cleaver)

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  1. Enjoy the blog-cation! I definitely can understand needing a time-out.

  2. Enjoy it! But I will miss your posts! :) Thanks for adding my blog to your roll

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